Girl Brags about Getting 4 Boxes of Free Pizza for Late Delivery from Shakey’s, Gets Slammed by Netizens

When a girl and her friends received four boxes of pizza for free from Shakey’s because the delivery man failed to bring their order on time, she was so happy about it that she shared it on social media but many netizens slammed her for the post.

According to Tin Tin, she and her friends ordered four boxes of pizza from Shakey’s on Father’s Day, at 4:30PM. The restaurant staff who received their order assured them that their food will be delivered within an hour and that they will pay nothing if the delivery is late.

The call ended at 4:35PM and the countdown began.

At 5:20PM, Tin Tin and her friends were beginning to feel excited that they might get the pizzas for free. She called the restaurant again and received confirmation that the delivery will be free after 5:35PM.

Photo credit: Tin Tin / Facebook

At the 5:35PM mark, they were rejoicing.

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