Filipina Domestic Helper Forced to Sleep Outside the House While Employer is on Vacation

Photo : Filipinos in Singapore/Facebook

A viral photo posted on social media by a certain Ashleycute Camarao Baccay earned different reactions from netizens as she showed a picture of a Filipina domestic helper sleeping outside her employer’s house near her place in Singapore.

According to her, the employer had left the helper for a planned holiday trip but she was not allowed to sleep inside their house.

The Filipina was advised to look for a place where she could stay for free while they were out but unfortunately, she can’t find one so she ended up staying in a pallet outside the house with no food allowance given for the entire vacation of her employer.

Photo : Filipinos in Singapore/Facebook

Netizens expressed their anger to the employer and sympathies to the helper as she was treated unfairly.  They couldn’t imagine how hard it would be for the Filipina to be spending her days with no place where she could comfortably stay and find food to eat while her employer was away.

Photo : Filipinos in Singapore/Facebook

Ashley also shared that the Filipina doesn’t have her own room in her employer’s house and was also deprived from having enough food to eat.

There were so many stories of maltreated Filipino domestic helpers in Singapore and this case was an addition to those. It was really hard seeing our “kababayans” in this condition but this is a reality that every OFW has to face when they leave our beloved country.

What did you feel about this?  Do you think it’s about time that the Philippines stop deploying domestic helpers to Singapore?