Erwan Heussaff Opens Pop-Up Carinderia, Personally Serves Lucky Diners with Delicious Food

Photo credit: erwanheussaff / Instagram

Erwan Heussaff is a handsome celebrity chef known not just for his culinary skills but also for being the fiancé of Anne Curtis.

Last week, while promoting his newest venture, a smartphone game aptly called Erwan’s Eatery, the Filipino-French chef opened a pop-up carinderia where he personally handled orders – much to the delight of surprised fans who happened to be at the right at the right time.

Just imagine getting to enjoy food that was cooked and personally served by no less than the handsome chef himself! It was easy to see why the lines were soon quite long, with many ladies not just there for the food but also for a chance to have a selfie taken with Erwan.

Photo credit: erwanheussaff / Instagram

Of course, everyone knows that he’s already ‘taken’ but a girl can swoon all she wants, right? After all, it’s not every day that one gets the chance to meet Erwan in person and enjoy the food he prepared.

Various native food and delicacies were served at the pop-up carinderia, with Erwan offering a modern twist to these classic items. For instance, the munggo was updated with crispy greens (they look like kangkong), boiled eggs, and white corn.

Several celebrities were also with Erwan; although Anne wasn’t there to grace the occasion. Still, the lucky diners got to enjoy Erwans delicious food that day.

Were you there?