Domestic Helper in Kuwait Receives Wonderful Birthday Surprise from Kind Employer

Screenshot from video by Might Jorlene Jhore / Facebook

It really is sad how we often hear a lot of stories about domestic helpers being maltreated in Kuwait and other parts of the Middle East. There have been many who were forced to run away, no matter how dangerous that can also be!

But now all overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) working as domestic helpers have bad employers because there are also many who enjoy their jobs and have been lucky enough to get into homes with kindhearted, generous bosses.

Take for example netizen Mylene dela Torre who goes by the Facebook handle, Might Jorlene Jhore.

Mylene shares on social media how she was surprised by her kindhearted employer on her birthday. As can be seen in the video that Mylene uploads on her Facebook account, her female employer personally carried a cake and a gift bag, looking quite pleased with herself as she led her children towards the domestic helper’s room.

Screenshot from video by Might Jorlene Jhore / Facebook

The woman’s children also happily walked towards the room, with the girl also holding another gift for her nanny.

They knocked on Mylene’s room to greet her a happy birthday, with the employer then lighting the candle on the cake.

Photo credit: Might Jorlene Jhore / Facebook

It was definitely a sweet surprise for the domestic helper. While many found this ‘too ordinary’, especially because Mylene did not reveal the contents of her gift, many were happy for the domestic helper.

After all, we hear so much stories about abuse in the Middle East that it was truly so beautiful to witness heartwarming news such as this one…

Watch the touching moment here: