Despite Looking Different, This Man Proves His Bullies He Can Finish His Studies

Photo: Benedict Serra Elijorde/Facebook

Education plays a vital role in the life of an individual.  It is said that in order for a man to be successful in life, one should be educated — and that’s a treasure no one can take away.

It will take hard work, determination and perseverance to be able to finish studies. But for this young man, aside from the everyday challenges that a student faces, he had to face bullying all his life because of his distinct physical appearance.

Meet Benedict Serra Elijorde, a student from University of Caloocan.

Photo : Benedict Serra Elijorde/Facebook

Instead of firing back at his bullies, Benedict made a pledge to himself that he will prove to his detractors that he can finish his studies in spite of his physical attributes.

For sure it wasn’t easy for Benedict to face this struggle everyday but with the support of his family and good friends around, he took the bullying as a challenge for him and turned that into an inspiration so that later on, he’ll get the last laugh.

Benedict graduated from college last May 10, 2017 with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Information System.

He said he did not graduate with flying colors but he was able to prove to others that his physical appearance will not hinder him from realizing his dreams.

On graduation day, instead of feeling intimidated, Benedict posted on his Facebook account a message for his bullies.

As the saying goes, “You cannot put a good man down.” Benedict was so happy that he made it. He is now a college graduate and is a professional.

As of this writing, Benedict hopes to land a good job to help support their family because his father was unemployed.

Benedict is a proof that nothing can hinder a person to make his/her dream come true.

Congratulations, Benedict! May your story bring hope to those who are also striving in spite of  uncommon physical appearance.