Customer Who Threw Bread at Cashier, Gets Hit Back with Milk Shake; And the Internet is Laughing

There’s a saying that if someone throws rocks at you, hit them back with bread – but what should you do if someone throws bread at you first? Hit them back with drinks, of course! LOL.

While these lines might be meant as a joke, an actual incident involving the said food items was something else – and the internet is thankful that it was caught on camera. Hmmmmm.

It all started when a customer at a convenience store allegedly tried to skip the queue even if there were other people who got in line first. The store assistant politely told him to move to the back of the line but this irked the customer who began to rant against the cashier.

Photo credit: Random Trending Videos / Facebook

Trending News Portal shares a partial transcript of the incident:

Customer: Hindi mo kailangang sabihan ako, ano ka ba dito? Ano ka ba dito? Customer ako diba? Anong sinasabi mong taga SM ako?

Employee: Pinapipila ka ng maayos, sir. Nagwawala ka eh. Nagwawala, nakaka abala kayo.

But this appeared to make the customer angrier. Perhaps he didn’t want someone to tell him what to do, even if what he had been doing was wrong.

After insisting that he was actually queuing, the customer suddenly throws a loaf of bread at the cashier. The angry cashier fought back and hits him with what appears to be a glass of milk shake!

Photo credit: Random Trending Videos / Facebook

Taken aback that the cashier would actually fight back, the customer backed away but continued to rant. He points to the cashier and tells the guard that he was hit but because everyone there knew that he started the fight and threw bread first, no one took his side. He had to retreat.

Do you think it was right that the cashier fought back against this rude customer?