Cops Try to Charge Php150k from Old Driver So He Could Get Impounded Taxi after Accident with Their Colonel

Screenshot from video by Raffy Tulfo in Action / Facebook

An old taxi driver whose passenger was a colonel got involved in an accident that led to the latter getting some scrapes and bruises. Angered over what happened to their colonel, the cops of the police station he was assigned in not only impounded the taxi driver’s vehicle but also asked him to pay Php150k ($3,000) so he could get his vehicle back.

Incidents like this one do not require that vehicles be impounded – and penalties for such do not reach that high!

Knowing their rights but not sure how they could assert that at the police station to get the taxi back, driver Felipe Rebadomia and the taxi’s owner Cynthia Lumbad went to Raffy Tulfo, the veteran broadcaster who is also known as the ‘sumbungan ng bayan’.

After discussing their plight, Tulfo assured the two that he would help them get the taxi back at no cost at all but they do have to face the consequences of the accident, including criminal charges should the colonel actually file them.

Screenshot from video by Raffy Tulfo in Action / Facebook

Tulfo called the station and spoke with Mandaluyong Traffic Investigator SPO1 Salani Radjail who confirmed that the taxi would not be released, pending filing of the case by the colonel who still has to secure a medical certificate.

Within seconds after getting reminded by Tulfo that the vehicle does not have to be impounded, Radjail quickly agreed to release the taxi. It was much easier than we thought!

It really was a good thing that Rebadomia went to Tulfo. What’s sad is that they had to resort to that when it is the cops who should be the ones to help them.

Watch the video to see what happened next: