Bullied, This Girl Shows Her Transformation to a Better Version of Herself

“There is no challenge more challenging than the challenge to improve yourself.”

Angela Marie used this “note to thyself” as her caption when she posted her old and recent photos on social media. Her post was able to capture the attention of the netizens as she showed her transformation from a chubby girl to a fitter, sexier, better version of herself.  Angela said the road to achieving her desired body was not easy but she was able to attain it through her strong determination.

Photo : Angela Marie Dimaano Libao/Facebook

How fast time flies!  It’s been a year ago since this chubby girl decided to start working out, guarding her meals and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. According to her, the desire to trim down her body weight started when a driver commented about her body which hurt her the most.  However, she did not elaborate on what the driver actually said to her as other details were not established but it was speculated on that she was bullied.

Photo : Angela Marie Dimaano Libao/Facebook

Angela said she couldn’t believe how she was able to survive the temptation of eating delicious, mouth-watering food, the painful workouts and the emotional problems just to achieve the body that will look ideal for other people.

She is now enjoying the kind of body that looks appealing to people and she was no longer bashed by her detractors. More so, she got support from her friends and relatives saying she was pretty whether she’s chubby or sexy.

Photo : Angela Marie Dimaano Libao/Facebook

As her posts may seem annoying to some, Angela said she posted not to demand attention from people but to inspire girls who were once like her. She wanted to prove to them that they can still do something to achieve the kind of body they want, having a better version of themselves.

Were you inspired by Angela’s story? The journey of transforming your self into a NEW you, begins now!

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