Beautiful and Kindhearted Hospital Staff Helps Poor Family, Gives Them Money Even if She Didn’t Know Them

Described by netizens as ‘beautiful inside and out’, a staff at a hospital in Batangas, Philippines has recently gone viral for her kindhearted action to a poor family – even if she didn’t actually know them personally!

Aiza Montablan shared on social media how Rhona Laurel Arcillas, who works at the registration of St. Frances Cabrini Medical Center, helped them out.

According to Montablan, she and her grandma were at the hospital for a check-up when the met Arcillas at the counter as the latter was the one who handled their concern.

Photo credit: Aiza Montablan / Facebook

But after they’ve gone to the doctor, Grandma Zanaida began crying because they only had Php1,500 ($30) but they had to pay Php1,800 ($36) for the laboratory fees – and they’ve already paid Php500 ($10) to the doctor.

They don’t know where they can find the money to pay for the laboratory fees but knew that the grandma must undergo then ASAP. Moreover, they still have to leave some money for their fare back home.