An Emotional Father Finds Help for His Crying Daughter

Photo : Ray Tejada/Facebook

Ray Tejada shared  in social media his experience last May 9, 2017 while riding a jeepney from Novaliches Bayan bound to Blumentritt.  He narrated that there was this certain man carrying a girl who was in endless crying.

At first, Tejada thought that the girl has been kidnapped but later on he found out that they were father and daughter.  He finally got the answers to his questions when the man approached him and told him their story.

Photo : Ray Tejada/Facebook

The father told Tejada that they were from Marilao, Bulacan and  they were in Manila for a scheduled check-up at East Avenue Medical Center.  From Bulacan, they alighted in Balintawak that  morning and were begging for food and water for  they were already hungry.

Someone gave his daughter a candy which caused her  toothache.  This was the reason why the girl kept on crying. As the father was also sobbing, he cannot finish his story in full details being so emotional seeing his daughter cry.

Photo : Ray Tejada/Facebook

“Anak wag ka umiyak para hindi nahihirapan si tatay,” the father said to his daughter.  Later on it was learned that he felt so helpless as according to him, he was suffering from diabetes and his wife had left them already.

With Tejada’s willingness to help, he handed them an amount of money which he hoped was able to help them.  The man thanked him and  alighted somewhere along  11th Ave. and were seen to be going up and down the jeepneys begging for help.

Tejada said he posted this to his social media account thinking people might extend their help to the man and his daughter.  It’s just unfortunate that he was unable to get their names.

Many netizens have been sympathizing over this father and his daughter while some of them thinks this was one of the “modus operandi” circulating within Metro Manila.

What do you think about this?