A Young Mother Acquired ****** from Eating Processed and Instant Food

Who would not say that tocino, tapa, longganisa and hotdog paired with sinangag and fried egg would be a perfect meal for every Filipino not only for breakfast but as an all-day meal?

And wouldn’t it be much better if paired with an ice-cold soft drink?

Ahmmmm, this is getting me really  hungry.

But wait, you have to hear this story.

A Facebook post of Jenna Brotonel Enrile has been flooding the net for the past few days on her campaign to raise funds for her sister Nicole who was diagnosed with brain ******.

Photo : Jenna Brotonel Enrile/Facebook

According to Jenna, Nicole started to feel headaches and dizziness followed by blurring of vision and lack of memory as noticed by their mother.  Because of this, they’ve decided to bring Nicole to the hospital for further medical assessment.

Nicole has been subjected for laboratory tests and CT scan and it has been found out that she had a brain ******, stage 4. She was the first ever to acquire it in the family.

Still wondering, they were trying to iron out what caused the disease until they came to realize that her sister was an avid eater of processed meat like hotdog, longganisa and tocino, and enjoyed eating instant noodles like pancit canton.  She also loves to eat foods that were rich in sugar.

Nicole’s brain had a tumor called  Glioblastoma Multiforme measuring 4.66 x 6 x 4.5 mm.

Photo : Jenna Brotonel Enrile/Facebook

She has to undergo surgery for which the family was asking for financial support on Jenna’s post.

Nicole is a mother of twins who are still very young.  Losing her will be hard for her family and more for her kids.

Photo : Jenna Brotonel Enrile/Facebook

As of this writing, Nicole has been operated on and the tumor in her brain has been removed.  However, she has to stay in the hospital so her condition will be closely monitored and to assess if she will still be needing chemotherapy until she reaches full recovery.

Nicole is fighting and the family still hopes to be able to see her again back in her normal life.

My prayers are with you, Nicole!

And on this note, may we be more cautious of the food that we eat. Remember, Health is Wealth! 🙂

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