A Paramedic Earns Admiration for His Act of Kindness

Photo : Ryan Estrellado/Facebook

A social media post by  Ryan Estrellado caught the attention of netizens as he recognized the efforts of Nico Santiago, a paramedic of ABS-CBN who assisted his wife when she fainted at the  MRT Quezon Avenue station last week.

Photo : Ryan Estrellado/Facebook

According to Estrellado, he received a phone call from Santiago informing him that he brought his wife to the hospital.  Worried as he rushed to the hospital to check on his wife’s condition, he was so grateful  that Santiago did not leave her until he arrived. Mr. Estrallado tried to express his appreciation and gratefulness  to Santiago for assisting his wife by giving him a certain amount of money, which  Santiago refused to accept saying he did not spend even a single centavo in helping his wife.

It was for this reason that Mr. Estrellado decided to post on social media to somehow thank Santiago for the help he extended to their family.

Photo : Ryan Estrellado/Facebook

Santiago narrated that during that time, he was at the MRT Quezon Avenue station and was on his way home after his duty. He saw Mrs. Estrellado faint inside the MRT elevator whom he immediately gave a first aid treatment.  He checked on her vitals signs and her level of consciousness then decided to bring her to the nearest hospital for proper medical assistance.

Families and friends, however, attested to the truth that Santiago was really kindhearted and always ready to lend a helping hand to whoever  is in need.  They said  it was an innate character of Santiago even when he was young.

Netizens who were able to read Mr. Estrellado’s post felt happy knowing there were still people like Santiago who’s willing to help anybody in need.  Santiago was commended by the people who read the post and said that they were inspired and blessed by his act of kindness.