A Filipina OFW with Swollen Forehead and Black Eye, Did She Slip or Was She Hit?

A domestic helper’s post on her Facebook account with a big lump on her forehead and  black eye has gained numerous views and shares on the site.

Veronica Vincula or “Bing” from South Cotabato,  is working as a domestic helper in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Photo: Screenshot Bing Vincula/Facebook

On a video which she posted in her Facebook account, she is appealing to her relatives, family and friends to not feel worried anymore because she’s in good condition.  She was also emphasizing that she was not hit by her employer.

According to her, the reason why she acquired the big lump on her forehead was because she was cleaning the comfort room of the house of her employer when she slipped and her forehead badly hit the floor.

Black circles where also noted around her eyes but she said it was just the blood which  flowed down from her forehead’s lump.

Photo: Screenshot Bing Vincula/Facebook

She also claimed that her female employer is already 73 years old, so she is not able to hurt her as she doesn’t have the strength to hit her anymore.

Photo: Bing Vincula/Facebook

But prior to that, she was also able to post  pictures with no captions and explanation which triggered her family, relatives and friends to worry about her.

Bing said she was unable to post an explanation for the photos which she first posted because she was in a hurry that time.  She was unable to hold her temper because her employer won’t let her use her cellphone to call her family in the Philippines so she grabbed it from the latter.

Upon seeing her first post, her concerned friends in Malaysia, rushed to their agency and asked for help to check on her actual condition.  The matter has been coordinated also with her local agency in the Philippines.

Photo: Bing Vincula/Facebook

With the help of her agency, Bing has been brought for a medical examination at the Clinic Family Soo with Dr. Soo Tai Kang as her attending physician.

Photo: Bing Vincula/Facebook

Based from her medical report, Bing had giddiness last May 30 while cleaning the wash room of the house of her employer and her head was hit  against a hard surface.  She was still conscious so she was able to call her employer for help.

Photo: Bing Vincula/Facebook

The whole examination report showed that Bing was in good condition.  Her blood pressure was normal and her vision was normal as well.  Except for the swelling on her forehead that was caused by being hit on a hard surface, there were no other remarkable findings.

She was given pain reliever for the swelling of her forehead and was advised to have a rest for at least 3-5 days until her full recovery.

Up to this writing, the  post of Bing Vincula on her Facebook account still earns a lot of comments and reactions from the netizens.

The people who knew her were also asking her to tell the truth and be not afraid so she may be given the assistance that she needs.

What do you think really happened with her?

Is she telling the truth or she’s trying to do a cover up?