Young Boy Bullied for His Looks, Grows Up into Gorgeous Beauty Queen

We all know that some kids at school can be cruel at times. While schools struggle to stop bullying, it still happens because teachers can’t be in many places at one time.

Now, there’s this young lad who was bullied for his looks when he was younger but his incredible transformation into a gorgeous beauty queen has left the internet stunned! Identified as Marion Pasa, this young boy did look like he was a bit on the girlish side.

Photo credit: HugotBeki / Facebook – Marion Pasia

Even if he’s wearing a male-prescribed school uniform and short hair, he holds a ‘bouquet of flowers’ actually made of rolled up wallpapers or magazine pages.

But as they say, puberty changes it all – and this is probably one of the most striking #PubertyChallenge entries we’ve seen recently.