Worried Mom Shares Video of ‘Contaminated’ C2 after Son has LBM after Taking a Drink

When giving your children bottled drinks and other packaged items, it is highly important that you check the items first – or you might experience what happened to netizen Livy Barros Ddm and her family.

According to Livy, her son had LBM after drinking from the C2 bottle which had “white viscous streaks in various sizes floating inside”.

[Last] April 23,2017 we went to HMR Sucat and bought 1L of C2 drink at SM Hypermarket East Service Road Muntinlupa past 12:30pm before going home to Marikina. Since my kids were thirsty…my husband immediately opened the bottle and gave them to our kids (10 and 5 yrs old respectively),” Livy wrote in a now viral post on Facebook.

Photo credit: Livy Barros Ddm / Facebook

During our travel …we noticed movement inside the bottle of C2 and checked that there were white viscous streaks in various sizes floating inside. With dismay that we already left the vicinity of Sucat. We went straight to SM hypermarket Riverbanks and reported the incident to the Manager but advised me to report it directly to where I bought the item since it has a different management,” she added.

The family wasn’t able to return to the mall that night but Livy said she called up the management the following day to report the incident. She also informed the company that makes C2, URC.

Check out the video to see the strange white streaks in the drink: