Woman Diagnosed with Brain Degenerative Disorder after Graduation, Receives Help from Netizens after Plight Goes Viral

A loving daughter and a brilliant student, Mary Jelly Ambrosio never got the chance to show the world her talent and brilliance when she was diagnosed with brain tumor months after she graduated college in UP Baguio,” a post on Facebook page Health Budz revealed.

This got netizens’ attention and touched the hearts of thousands of people; many would later send donations for the young lady.

According to Health Budz, Jelly is from Lingayen, Pangasinan. A brilliant student, Jelly graduated from the University of the Philippines Baguio in Baguio City with a bachelor’s degree in Communication.

Photo credit: Health Budz / Facebook

Like many students, she had lots of plans in her life. After graduation, she would find a job so she could give back to her family and provide them a better life.

Sadly, she wasn’t able to even reach the first part of her dreams because she was diagnosed with brain degenerative disease just a few months after graduation. After long months of treatment, the family was forced to bring her home because they could no longer pay for her hospital stay.

Photo credit: Health Budz / Facebook

Some years later, she lost sight on both eyes. Today, she has been battling the condition for 8 years. But even as her body grew weaker, her spirit remained strong.

After learning that netizens are pitching in to help fund for her medical needs, Jelly said that she’s alright with not getting help and becoming well for as long as her family is intact and are all healthy. What a kindhearted girl!

She needs our help, she needs donors for her medications and vitamins to stop her sickness immediately and improve her health now. We need to help her before we run out of time. With proper nutrition we can help slow down this disease and regenerate her body,” Health Budz appealed to netizens.

Touched by this young lady’s plight, a lot of netizens sent money to help fund her medical needs. With this money, they were able to pay for a CT scan as the last one was taken four years ago. More donations are needed for Jelly but the family is already quite thankful for the help they received.

Donation details are provided below by Health Budz: