WATCH: For 10 Years Now, Mysterious Blood Stains Regularly Appear in Newly Washed Clothes and Curtains in this Family’s House

For 10 years, a family in Macrohon, Southern Leyte has lived in fear that supernatural beings are co-habiting with them; this fear stemmed from the mysterious blood stains that regularly appear in clothes, curtains, and other pieces of cloth in their house.

According to 40-year-old Narlyn Razon, she and her family had been wandering for 7 years, with no permanent address. Then, her Aunt Luzviminda “Minda” Rin offered them free use of a vacant lot beside her own home.

While Minda was generous enough to let the family use the lot, she did warn them there had been mysterious incidents in the area and that the lot might be haunted or inhabited by supernatural beings. But because they needed a permanent home, Narlyn’s family accepted the offer.

Soon after they had their house built, however, it seems that the spirits living there were angry. Large blood stains began to appear on various items in the house. They knew that the reddish stains were blood, especially because these smelled bad.

Screenshot from video by Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho / YouTube

For years, Narlyn had to rewash their clothes because even the newly washed ones get blood stains before the day ends. But while they lived in fear, they had no other choice but to stay there.

Soon, the story of their blood stained clothes would circulate in town and the place grew even more mysterious. Narlyn began to have more problems at the house. For instance, the bottom of their rice storage bin would become soaked with water.