To Make His Girlfriend Happy, One Guy Asks Female Facebook Friends to ‘Unfriend’ Him

What would you do to make sure that your loved one is happy? Well, one guy thought that the best way to do it is to show her that she’s his only girl in the world – and that meant ‘unfriending’ his female friends on Facebook!

A certain JM Prudente gained widespread attention after he asked a female acquaintance to unfriend him on Facebook. He didn’t want to shock his female friends by unfriending them without telling them; also, he’s only using free data and could not do the deed, even if he wanted to do it directly.

Photo credit: DF Balita

Netizen Jahz Navarra posted on her Facebook account a conversation between Prudente and a female friend. Prudente requested the girl to unfriend him, telling her that he does not feel that he has the right to demand it from his female friends as he’s not even handsome but he just wanted to do it to make his girlfriend happy.

The female friend responded positively, telling him that his girlfriend is lucky to have him.

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