This Customer’s Literal Reaction to McDonald’s “Wet Floor” Sign, Gets Netizens Laughing

In the Philippines, most people leave their footwear outside the house to make sure that their homes or their host’s homes remain clean; after all, everyone knows that cleaning floors is not an easy task to do. But public places such as a restaurant are exempt from this unwritten social etiquette.

For this reason, one person recently went viral when he was photographed taking off his slippers at a McDonald’s outlet because there was a “CAUTION: Wet Floor” sign by the entrance.

Photo credit: – Trending News Portal

The unnamed gay was enters the establishment but upon seeing the sign, he took his slippers out and picked them up with his hand before proceeding inside. A service crew could be seen laughing at his antics, making this a clue that this gay and his friends were just kidding around.