This 71-Year-Old Lady Reveals the Secret Behind Her Success

Many of us want to achieve our dream skin goals: To have pearly white skin that is free from acne and oiliness. Some people are willing to spend huge amounts of money to achieve it.
Leonora Lim was a once a street vendor who became rich because her daughter, Mercedita Lim, a licensed pharmacist who discovered an astringent at around 1990.

“Kasi yun ang kailangan ng tao, pampaputi at pampakinis”, Mercedita said in an interview with Rated K.

Image from ABS-CBN

They were the ones who repacked their products and sold it door-to-door, together with her two children; from then, their small astringent business turned into a huge company.

Though she is already earning millions and has achieved so many things in life, she didn’t forget to share her blessings to other people. Every Christmas, one of their traditions is to give gifts and cash to the less fortunate people of Davao, where their company is based.

Leonora Lim said in an interview with Rated K that the secret of success is hard work, patience and dedication.

The story of Leonora Lim is a proof that when you want something in your life and you give your 100% effort, God will give it to you in his perfect time.