‘Tabo Guy’ Who Went Viral for Dream Vacation to Boracay, Gets Help from Locals to Visit for Real!

Of course, he gamely recreated the scene from the viral photo that got him this free vacation. The contrast was fantastic. Instead of a cardboard drawing propped on the wall, his background was Boracay beach.

Photo credit: Rafael-nonog Gomez / Facebook

He still carried a ‘tabo’ but instead of water from a pail, he now poured Boracay sand on his body. This is truly wonderful, right?

It’s amazing what social media can do (and a lot of creativity, too!) in making one’s dreams come true. Thanks to his creativity, Gomez was able to go to Boracay on a dream vacation for free. Credit also goes to Yangco and his friends who made the trip possible.

Photo credit: Rafael-nonog Gomez / Facebook

Kudos to you, guys!

H/T: RachFeed

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