‘Tabo Guy’ Who Went Viral for Dream Vacation to Boracay, Gets Help from Locals to Visit for Real!

Early this month, the photo of a guy imagining a dream vacation to Boracay had gone viral as netizens had a good laugh at the hilarious snapshot. Everyone loves to visit Boracay and other tourist spots in the Philippines but it is also a sad reality that getting there is not easy and you’d need a lot of money not just on transportation to get there but also on accommodation, food, and activities.

While he dreams of going to Boracay someday, one guy just didn’t have the money to do it now. So, what he did was prop a cardboard drawing of Boracay on his wall while he used a ‘tabo’ to imagine that he’s bathing in Boracay waters.

Photo credit: Rafael-nonog Gomez / Facebook

The photo got so much attention that it was reshared many times by several Facebook pages; soon, the guy was famous on social media.