Putin Adjusts His Schedule to Meet with Duterte Who Cut Short Visit Due to Terror Attack in Marawi

Russian President Vladimir Putin might be one of the most powerful people in the world and he’s definitely among the most feared by many nations but when Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte had to cut short his trip in Russia because of a terror attack in Marawi, the Russian president adjusted his schedule so they could still meet before Duterte leaves for home!

The two presidents were set to meet on May 25 but the meeting had to be canceled when the ISIS-flag-touting Maute group attacked Marawi City in Lanao del Sur, southern Philippines.

Duterte declared martial law in Mindanao and cut his trip to Russia short so that he could monitor the situation from the ground.

He could not impose on President Putin to reschedule their meeting to an earlier time, of course, but the Russian president reportedly adjusted his own schedule after learning about this.

Photo credit: Maxim Shemetov, Reuters

I’m so happy to see you in Moscow. And let me express hope that the conflict that you have just mentioned will be resolved as soon as possible and with minimal losses and casualties,” Putin said.

During the meeting, the two presidents reportedly discussed a number of things, including matters of national security in the Philippines. To strengthen the armed forces, Duterte asked Putin for a ‘soft loan’ to fund the purchase of firearms that can be used against terrorist groups.

Duterte also asked for Putin’s support in the fight against the terrorists in Mindanao, reports Pinoy Trending.