President Duterte Reminds Inday Sara at Public Function, “Ma’am, Baka Gusto Mong Magmano?”

Screenshot from video by RTVM / YouTube

She might already be a grown up and well known as the feisty mayor of Davao City but Sara Duterte-Carpio was told off by her father for ignoring him and not taking his hand in a respectful gesture known as ‘mano’ while they were attending a public function.

The incident happened during the groundbreaking ceremony of Biyaya ng Pagbabago Housing Project at Barangay Los Amigos, Tugbok District in Davao City.

President Rodrigo Duterte had been entertaining the audience while they waited for the project’s main benefactor, businessman Ramon Ang, to arrive. A few minutes later, the Davao mayor arrived.

Best known as “Inday Sara” to her constituents”, the female Duterte took her place on stage and was about to talk to the ceremony’s attendees when the president chided her.

Ma’am, basin gusto kang mo-amin? (Ma’am, baka gusto mong magmano?)” President Duterte reminded his daughter, much to the laughter of those present.

Screenshot from video by RTVM / YouTube

The feisty Inday Sara rushed to her dad’s side and took his hand. While that was not the highlight of the ceremony, of course, the tender moment was caught on camera and shared on social media where it gained praise from netizens.

After all, the family is technically the most powerful in the country right now yet the president continues treat his children like ordinary kids and does not hesitate to remind them of their duties as children, even in public.

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