Pinoy Janitor in Saudi Arabia Earns More by Selling Adobong Mani

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Emmanuel Abulan is an OFW who is working as a janitor in Saudi Arabia. When he was still in the Philippines, he and his wife, Nemianita, used to have a fruit stand which earns at least P10,000 a day. However, he saw an opportunity to work in Italy so they decide to close their business and sell the minivan they used to transport their merchandise to finance his employment abroad.

Unfortunately, the said job offer in Italy was a scam.

With his spirit unfaltering, he went to Qatar with only a tourist visa and worked as a utility man in a restaurant for three months until his visa expired. As a utility man, he was earning 10 Qatari Riyals per hour, or P136.

He, once again, tried his luck abroad. This time, he went to Saudi Arabia to work as a janitor who earns 700 riyals (P9,000) per month and this was not enough to provide a comfortable life for his family here in the Philippines.

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To augment his income, he decided to sell adobong mani or roasted nuts at Al Batha market every night from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm, or after his duty at the Riyadh Military Hospital Clinic.

Every day, he was able to sell 200 packs of adobong mani which earns him 300 riyals (P4,000). On days that the market is filled with people, he can sell 500 packs and earns 700 riyals (P9,000).

Emmanuel’s hard work now pays off as he is able to provide for his family and send his children to school.