Mother Gets Reunited with Her Two Daughters after 10 Years

It has been 10 years since Isidra, a lady guard, last saw her two daughters after her husband took them away and went to Cotabato without her knowledge. When she heard that her husband died, she pleaded to take her daughters back but their uncle, Noli Gatama, refused to give them and he doesn’t care if she filed a complaint. Furthermore, she was told that he would not surrender them until they reached 20 years old.

Isidra has nowhere to go but to seek help on Aksyon. Raffy Tulfo spoke with Gatama live on the show, explaining that the custody should be given to the children’s biological mother.

Image from Trending News Portal

Her daughters Angela (14 years old) and Riza (12 years old) were very much relieved that, finally, they were in good hands. They said that their previous guardian let them work despite their young age. Riza on the other hand, had a scar on her head because her stepmother hit her head with an ax.

Raffy Tulfo was very overwhelmed and assured the children that they are already safe because they were already with their mother.