LOOK: Son Travels with “Ma, I’m OK” Sign to Assure Mom He’s Safe, Goes Viral

Moms often worry about their children, no matter how old they already are – everyone knows that. So, when one mom shared how her son made sure she didn’t worry during his trip by sending her photos of him in these destinations, holding a “Ma, I’m OK” sign, it quickly went viral.

Mom Belinda Gaitano shared her son’s photos, writing:

Photo credit: Belinda Gaitano / Facebook

My son went on a trip to Baler and Dingalan, Aurora last week. And whenever he’s on a trip, I get so nervous when he doesn’t text me back. But for this trip, he did not only texted me back, but also sent me pictures which clearly shows how he was doing. “Ma, ok lang ko!”😂 ambot aning akong anak literal kaayo😂 labyu nak😘

Check out more of this obedient son’s photos below…