LOOK: Pinay Shares Tips on “How to Travel Around the World” Without Leaving the Philippines

Wishing you could travel around the world but have no funds yet to do it? Don’t worry because you can still do that even without leaving the Philippines! Of course, it would be a pretend ‘travel around the world’ but one netizen proved that you just might get the same results in terms of photos.

Hmmmmm. How did she do it? Check out these creative photos – she didn’t even have to Photoshop herself into stock photos of international tourist spots!

Facebook user Noid Oropesa Ragian wrote:

Photo credit: Noid Oropesa Ragian / Facebook


By: Langga Oropesa

I’m broke and can’t afford to travel in different cities/places this summer, so eto pinasyalan ko na lang mga lugar na andito lang Zamboanga City na kapareho ng nasa ibang lugar. 🙂

Diskarte lang mga dzaii..di mo na need gumastos ng malaki.


As you can see from her photos, many of the destinations she visited in her hometown did look like the attractions from other countries or in other parts of the Philippines!