Jeepney Driver Gives Money to a Student Who Lost His Wallet and Can’t Pay in Full

Image courtesy of John Erick Ami

A netizen who goes by the name John Erick Ami shared his encounter with a jeepney driver on social networking site, Facebook.

He rode a jeepney with a route San Miguel Ikot, one day, as he was about to go to school. He reached inside his pocket when he was about to pay for the ride but realized that his wallet was not there. He searched his bag for his wallet, to no avail. He searched his pocket and found that he only has three Php1 coins.

Image courtesy of John Erick Ami

He moved closer to the jeepney driver and said, “ Kuya, pwedeng tres nalang nawawala wallet ko.”

The driver answered, “Ayan.” His voice was quite loud, so the student assumed that he was angry.

Ayan ang maganda, yung nagsasabi kesa nanahimik ta’s hindi nagbabayad,” the driver said.

John Erick handed his Php3 to the driver. To the boy’s surprise, the driver gave him, in return, Php30 and said, “Baka hindi ka na makauwi mamaya oh, eto pamasahe.

The student was touched by the gesture since the driver has not yet earned money for the day.

… di ko inexpect na magbibigay siya ng tulong, given na ang hina na ng kita ng mga jeepney driver. Pero na appreciate ko kasi pare parehas tayung mahihirap meron paring handing tumulong,” John Erick stated in his post.

He thanked the driver when they reached his destination. Before he went out of the jeepney, the driver even gave him his blessings. “Ingat ka, anak,” he said.

John Erick ended his post with this quote:

Kahit pala gabi, may buwan na handang magnakaw ng liwanag para tanglawan tayung nasa kadiliman.

Images courtesy of John Erick Ami