Homeowner Sets Up CCTV Cameras after an Envelope with Money Disappears, Catches Own Helper Stealing

These days, it really is difficult to trust that people will be honest to you, especially when money is involved. This is the reason why stories about poor folks returning bags filled with money and valuables will always go viral.

But the opposite also goes viral – and this is exemplified by the Facebook post of netizen Abygail Baldonado who shared videos of their house helper stealing from a purse at their home.

According to Baldonado, her elder sister lost an undisclosed amount of money which was placed in an envelope. We presume that there were no signs of forced entry or some other evidence that might suggest it was done by someone not familiar with the home.

Photo credit: Abygail Baldonado / Facebook

So, they suspected their stay-out helper who had introduced herself as Helen Castañeda. Baldonado did not mention how long Castañeda had been working for their family but last April 3, the envelope of money placed inside her sister’s bag had disappeared.

The family set up hidden CCTV cameras in the house, in hopes of catching the culprit. As ‘bait’, two bags were left on the table. The contents of these bags were not revealed but the house help managed to get what looks like a Php500 bill from inside one of the bags.

Watch the CCTV footage here:

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