Guy Shares Photo of Beautiful Tourist Spot but Jealous GF’s Response had Netizens Laughing

In response, the girl sent him back the same photo but this time zoomed in and with the two sexy girls in the foreground enclosed in a red circle. The jealous girl angrily asked Argawanon whether those ladies were coral reefs! LOL.

Photo credit: Cladgedon Argawanon / Facebook

While Argawanon had already clarified that he and his girlfriend simply love making jokes and such messages are ‘normal’ to their relationship, a lot of netizens couldn’t help but laugh at the hilarious convo.

Of course, there were those who advised Argawanon to let go of his jealous girlfriend before he ‘upgrades’ to a jealous wife but he maintains that he loves her so much and that he actually enjoys this crazy side of their relationship.

Alright. Whatever floats your boat…

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