Girl Gives Dad a Heartwarming Permanent Tattoo, Writes “I Love You, Tay” on His Arm

While tattoos are often unfairly viewed by society as something negative, there’s this one tattoo from a young girl on her dad’s arm that would surely melt your heart: an “I love you, Tay” (I love you, dad) mark on his arm, made entirely by her own hand! Isn’t that sweet?

Tattoo artist and aficionado Kiko Caravana shared a post on social media that would soon go viral, despite the fact that many people still don’t approve about tattoos.

According to Caravana, his daughter made a rather lopsided deal with him: she will give him a permanent tattoo in exchange for a Jollibee meal. Technically, the Jollibee meal would cost him something while the tattoo would cost her nothing yet it’s a priceless thing that no money in the world could buy!

Photo credit: Kiko Caravana / Facebook

So, even if the girl didn’t spend a single cent on the tattoo, it’s still much pricier than all the Jollibee meals she could eat, combined.

As this was his daughter’s first time to create a permanent tattoo, Caravana admitted that the process actually hurt him yet the love she put into creating this masterpiece, no matter how lopsided her handwriting might be, is a gift that would last this dad a lifetime.

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