Foreigners Seen Crying in Boracay after Thieves Stole Their Valuables, Including the Guy’s Slippers!

Boracay is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the Philippines but three tourists who went to the island to have fun, ended up in tears because their valuables were stolen by unknown suspects.

One of the locals, Jean Cezar Retulin, spotted the three as they were frantically searching for their things on the beach. She said that she noticed the three were distraught and could be seen crying, attracting the attention of other tourists but no one tried to help them.

Photos by Jean Cezar Retulin / Facebook

So, Retulin went closer to ask what was wrong. She learned that the three had only gone swimming but had left their valuables on the beach, in good faith that nothing bad will happen but while their bags and some clothes were still there, their iPhones, cards, and money were already stolen.

The thieves had gotten all their valuables that the foreigners no longer had money for fare! What’s even worse is that their cards were stolen and they would have a problem paying for their hotel when they check out the following day.

The guy also had his slippers stolen! So, he had to walk barefoot.