Foreigner Who also Lost His Phone in Boracay, Praises Airport Cop for Helping Him Find His Family’s Passports at NAIA

In his brief stay of less than a week in the Philippines, Emad Badawi experienced two ‘major’ incidents: he lost his phone in Boracay and also misplaced his as well as his family’s passports at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA).

He managed to retrieve the phone in Boracay, with the help of the honest crew from Southwest Transportation but the lost passports at NAIA were more worrying. After all, while phones can be easily replaced, getting new passports for an entire family could take several days, possibly weeks!

With NAIA and its personal having a rather negative public image, it was somewhat doubtful that Badawi would get the documents back.

I have lost all my family passports on the plan. Stupid me!!!

Photo credit: Emad Badawi / Facebook

However, Officer Marcelo Noog Ducao from the Philippines National Police Aviation Group was very helpful. Officer Ducao has walked all around the airport given the fact that I dont speak local language and he communicated my issue to the right people.

Without Officer Ducao’s help, I would have lost all my family passports or worse!!!