Foreigner Spotted Looking for Trash to Sell after ‘Gold Digger’ Pinay Wife Leaves Him When He Ran Out of Money

Netizens are expressing their anger over photos of a shirtless foreigner walking in the streets while carrying a sack and a piece of used box; it turned out this German guy is looking for trash to sell after his ‘gold digger’ Pinay wife left him when he ran out of money.

In posts that have gone viral on several Facebook pages, the foreigner could be seen carrying the trash he was able to collect. Netizen Anja Wiberg who shared the photos on Facebook page Cebu Citizen Report said that she talked to him for a while and learned that his name is Kristoff.

Photos by Anja Wiberg / Facebook – Cebu Citizen Report

The 49-year-old guy has been living in Brgy Zone Sili, Paknaan in Mandaue City, central Philippines for 8 years but he said that when he ran out of money, his wife also left him.

Stuck in the Philippines with no money, Kristoff took to living in the streets and seeking refuge outside a small chapel in the dirty village.

To earn money for food, he roams the dirty streets of the village to collect trash which he later sold at the junk shop. Some of his neighbors took pity on him and would give him food from time to time.