Fisherman Reveals Real Story behind ‘Tattoos’ of Fish Caught in Mindanao

Last week, photos of a fish with intricate ‘tattoos’ on its skin went viral, with netizens joking that it could be the heavily tattooed demigod named Maui of Hawaiian mythology who can transform himself into a fish. Other netizens got angry, thinking that the fish must have grown up with a piece of printed fabric/plastic from ocean trash.

See – Fish with Intricate “Tattoos” Caught in Mindanao, Sparks Jokes and also Concern from Netizens

But after the photos went viral, the fisherman who caught the now viral blue marlin has come forth with an explanation to his catch – and it’s not as magical or as cruel as netizens thought.

Photo credit: Hero Peewee Bacuño / GMA News – Facebook

According to 41-year-old fisherman Zosimo Tano, he caught the blue marlin one night and sold the 24-kg fish at the market for Php180 per kg.

He thought nothing of his catch until his friends told him that the fish he caught had gone viral! The fisherman was rather amused over the attention his catch had received, considering that he knew exactly how the fish got the ‘tattoos’!

So, how did the fish get those intricate tattoos of a coat of arms with some leaf branches on its skin?