Family Who Offers Food and Water to Fleeing Marawi Residents Goes Viral, Receives Help from Netizens

Terrorists have driven away thousands of residents from Marawi City in Lanao del Sur, southern Philippines but the refugees have found hope along the way, thanks to a family in Balo-i, Lanao del Norte.

Twenty eight-year-old Amer Riga and his family saw the heartbreaking sight of refugees fleeing Marawi, with hundreds of vehicles stuck in slow-moving traffic to other parts of Mindanao where they can seek temporary shelter.

Photo credit: Amer Riga / Facebook

Seeing the tired faces of these people, many of whom had walked several hours under the sweltering heat of the sun, Riga and his family offered them cold water for free.

They also shared whatever food they had to these refugees who were unable to bring much as they scrambled to save themselves from the war.

Photo credit: Amer Riga / Facebook

The family had to ask donations from their family and friends so they could provide more food for the fleeing families. Someone took a snapshot of the kindhearted family and their deed soon went viral on social media, sparking help from netizens who were also touched by these refugees’ plight.