Dog Receives a Makeover from a Beauty Vlogger

Image from the Facebook Account of Anna Cay

Filipina YouTube vlogger, Anna Cay recently earned praise from the netizens as she made a confession online on how she secretly takes care of a neighbor’s dog.

Image from the Facebook account of Anna Cay

Anna Cay, a beauty enthusiast, and a certified dog lover shared how she met Tyra, the dog. According to her, she once tried to buy Tyra from her owner, but the owner refused. Anna then narrated how the dog would pass by their house and rummage through the garbage. She would then call Tyra and let her eat.

Tapos pasikreto ko na ring nililiguan kasi naaawa talaga ako na non-stop yung pagkakamot nya. Para marelieve ng konti. Hanggang sa mukha may mange sya. May mga sugat na din sa tagiliran dahil sa kakakamot. Halata mong hindi sya komportable sa kalagayan nya. Hindi ko matiis,” she shared in her post.

Anna was not able to see Tyra when she went to Dubai for a short vacation. Upon coming home, she was thrilled to see that Tyra’s mange was gone!

At the end of her post, she asked Tyra’s owner not to file a case in their Barangay against her since she and Tyra get along well.

For netizen Jun De Leon, the dog was lucky to have Anna take care of her, “Lucky dog to have someone like you. Other people think it is easy having a dog. It’s a big responsibility. For humans, the dog is only a dog. But for a dog, we are everything.

God bless you. I hope the owners realize that they are not fit to be dog owners before it’s too late. They might have a reason why they don’t take care of Tyra but giving her to someone like you is for Tyra’s good. She did not choose to be their dog, they chose her,” netizen Maxine Max said.

Images from the Facebook account of Anna Cay