Despite Suffering from Stroke, Half-Paralyzed Vendor Continues to Commute Daily and Sell Snack Items to Offices

He spent several years being a snack vendor at the offices in Tower 1 in RCBC Plaza in Makati from 10AM to 1PM every weekday except Wednesdays but when he suffered a stroke, Tatay Moises had to quit for a couple of months. Amazingly, after he recovered a bit, he was back at selling again despite now being half-paralyzed.

His wife sells halo-halo at home to help him send their 5 children to school.

His perseverance despite his challenging condition has earned him admiration from the employees who now had to go down to the building’s lobby to buy his snacks, not just because he finds it difficult to move around but also because RCBC rolled out stricter security measures.

Photo credit: John Rene Fernandez / Facebook

Employees get down to the lobby to buy snacks from Tatay Moises at 3 packs for Php50 ($1).

Photo credit: John Rene Fernandez / Facebook

It’s only after he sells his goods that he find time to have lunch at around 2PM each day.

One of the office workers who admired his perseverance, John Rene Fernandez, took photos and shared his story on social media where he gained further praise from netizens who admired him for doing what he could despite his condition.

Photo credit: John Rene Fernandez / Facebook