Customer with Toyota Fortuner Takes Php26,000 Dropped by Restaurant Worker, Keeps it for Himself!

There have been a lot of inspiring stories of very poor people returning bags filled with money and expensive gadgets to their rightful owners but one man with a Toyota Fortuner takes an envelope filled with money which was dropped by a restaurant worker – and keeps it for himself!

It was a good thing that the incident was captured on CCTV.

According to Alyssa Ignacio, the staff who accidentally dropped the money, she was on her way to bring the envelope of money to their upstairs office when a customer called her. She assisted this customer but did not notice that the envelope fell from her back pocket.

Based on the CCTV footage taken inside the restaurant, the unidentified man who owns the Fortuner was just passing by when he noticed the envelope drop. Instead of telling the waitress about it, he stepped on the envelope and slowly dragged it back to the other side of the restaurant before picking it up.

Photo credit: 24 Oras

Then, the man returned to his family and hid the envelope under a piece of paper. He borrowed a jacket so he could hide the envelope before they went out of the restaurant.

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