Couple Who Shared Transformation from Being Drunk Partygoers, Becomes Inspiration to Many

In their early years as a couple, Treszka Tio Oliveria and her now-husband Mark Oliveria loved partying so much that they were often drunk – but they enjoyed their life a lot or so they thought… Soon enough, Treszka realized that their life was going nowhere and that their relationship was causing them more harm than good.

But they did not give up on their love. Instead, as Treszka changed, so did Mark. Their amazing transformation from drunk partygoers has become an inspiration to many young people. To date, Treszka’s post has gotten over 103k reactions and 14k comments!

She wrote:

Can you spot the difference between the two pictures?

Nope, not Mark’s weight loss and not my haircut. Something more, much much more.

On the left picture, Mark and I were actually drunk. And honestly we spent a lot of time like this. On the right picture, Mark and I just finished praise and worship with the youth. We spent half of the time separated, worshipping individually, and on the second part, I laid hands on him as I prayed for him. We ended the night in prayer and praising the Lord together. These pics are taken more than 2 years apart.

Photo credit: Treszka Tio Oliveria / Facebook

One night, while we were walking home and we wondered how different our relationship could have been if we did not surrender our lives to the Lord. We exchanged thoughts.

“Baka sobrang seloso mo”

“We probably hold each other down and over protective natin”

“Baka nagbreak na tayo”

“Baka nag gagantihan tayo”

“Baka nagbibilangan tayo ng mistakes”

We laughed this off as we talked about how much our lives have changed. How much blessings we have. Nights of drinking turned to nights of worship. We even changed from eating our fave junk food together to encouraging each other to living a healthy lifestyle. We go to the gym together. There were little changes and big changes, but all lead us to becoming better.


I didn’t understand this when my mom repeatedly reminded this to me when I was 16. I had a boyfriend who would always tell me “I have changed for you. I am a bad boy but you make me want to be good” loool 😅 But back then, I felt like a superhero. It caused me lots of heartbreaks to learn that my mom was right.

Change comes from love, from REAL LOVE. The love that was demonstrated to us by God. The love that forgives, encourages and the love that is selfless. Not the love we think we get from relationships. When I fell in love with the Lord, that’s what inspired me to be a better person.

It was truly wonderful that they changed together but their road in getting there wasn’t easy. Continue reading to learn more…