Boracay Local is Looking for Guy Who Posted Funny Photo of ‘Dream Vacation’ to Make His Dream Come True!

We all have that one place that we wish to visit, a dream destination that we hope we can go to in the future. While many are able to go on dream vacations to these destinations, a lot of us are also unable to do so and just have to be content with dreaming…

Take for example one guy who recently went viral after he posted a photo of his ‘dream vacation’ in Boracay. But unlike what you might have in mind, this guy did not actually go to Boracay to enjoy his dream vacation; instead, he literally had a ‘dream vacation’ by putting a handmade Boracay ‘poster’ against the wall while he took a bath using a pail and tabo (dipper).

The post gained much attention on social media, with countless Facebook pages reposting the image – without even properly crediting the original uploader. So, even when the photo went viral, the guy’s identity remained unknown.

Photo credit: Tong Yangco / Facebook

Netizens were quite amused by this guy’s ingenuity and found his photo rather funny.

A Boracay local who saw the viral picture couldn’t help but feel a twinge of guilt for taking the island for granted. Tong Yangco wrote on his Facebook account, “To remind us how lucky we are..  It would be nice to bring this guy here 😊

This post was met with much enthusiasm from his friends. Soon, Yangco had this brilliant idea of getting this guy to Boracay!

Any one knows this guy? Let me know please……. we will bring him here in boracay please…. cheers! Please share! Till we all find him…” Yangco pleaded.

So, do you know this guy? Let’s spread the word so he could get his dream vacation – for real, this time!