Beki Recreates ‘Jollibee Dad’ Scene with Boylets, Gets Mixed Reactions from Surprised Netizens

Last March, the heart-breaking photo of a selfless dad who was just watching while his kids enjoyed a meal at Jollibee had touched the hearts of netizens. Many would later reach out to this dad to provide him a proper meal so he could finally enjoy the Jollibee moment with his kids.

For many people, this photo was the best example of how dads are willing to sacrifice their own happiness just to make sure that their children are happy. You do agree, right?

Photo credit: Jhunnel Sarajan / Facebook

Now, fast forward to a few months later, a troll version of this photo also went viral on social media, not because it was touching but because it drew mixed reactions from netizens.

The photo is that of a ‘beki’ (gay) who was out eating with ‘boylets’ at a Jollibee outlet; while the other guys were heartily eating the food before them, the beki was just watching them just like the dad in the first viral photo.