A Government Employee Shouted at a Client Who was Just Asking a Question

Government employees, especially those who are facing clients, are expected to be respectful, calm, and efficient despite the long queue.

A Facebook user named Ruhzel Faith Dela Cruz posted a picture of a government employee on her social media account. She said that the girl on the picture is working at Pag-IBIG Fund (HDMF) in Cavite (Epza-Rosario Branch).

Image by Ruhzel Faith Dela Cruz via Facebook

Dela Cruz was with her sister, Praise Dela Cruz, when she witnessed the girl on the picture shouted at the woman.

“Nanigaw lang naman siya ng isang babaeng nagtatanong sa kanya kung saan counter siya pupunta,”  Ruhzel said on her Facebook post.

(She shouted a client that was just asking her which counter she will go.)

The girl on the picture shouted: “Guard!!! Guard!!! Kausapin mo yang babae na yan!!! Yan!!! Yang naka pink na babae na yan!! Hindi magbasa!!! Wag mo papalapitin sakin yang babae yan!!! Dahil Mapapatulan ko yan!!! Bwisit!!!” while pointing her finger towards the client.

(Guard! Talk to this lady, the one who is wearing pink. She doesn’t know how to read! Don’t let her come near me!)

Ruhzel approached the woman who was very embarrassed and asked what happened. The woman said that she was just confused because she was holding a number and it says that she’ll go on the counter number one but the counter two called her name. She also said that it was her first time that’s why she need assistance.


Ruhzel posted a Facebook status about Pag-IBIG Fund’s response to her post. Pag-IBIG management is now investigating the incident and if proved true, the employee will receive the right sanction for her misbehavior.

What do you think is the right sanction for this government employee?