54-Year-Old Man Who Lost Job Due to Parkinson’s Disease, Goes Viral for Selling Stuff Despite Difficulty in Walking

Having Parkinson’s Disease can be quite challenging because the condition affects muscles, including the ones in the arms and legs. This is the reason why those with this condition have difficulty walking and could lose control of their hands.

Many of them lose their jobs because of the condition. What’s even worse is that there’s no cure for Parkinson’s Disease; thus, these people have little chance of getting their lives back.

This is what happened to Ronaldo Altamero of Purok Tanguile, Pangabugan in Butuan City, southern Philippines, who lost his job as backhoe operator because his hands twitched and shook so hard that he could no longer handle the controls.

Photo credit: Eillen Mae Apellanes Oppus / Facebook

There is little hope for Altamero to get his old job back. Even if he has medications to help manage the symptoms, his condition continues to worsen as he could not afford to buy his medications all the time.