Wife Sells Cheating Husband at Online Marketplace, Creates Hilarious Ad that Made Netizens Laugh

No one ever wants to deal with a cheating partner but one wife has found a rather hilarious way to get rid of her cheating husband: by selling him at an online marketplace!

In a post that has gone viral after it was reposted by Facebook page, Putragis ka, one wife sells her husband for a measly price of Php2,400 ($48) – and she even accepts instalment. Yeah, she sounds rather desperate to sell him off; although she warns buyers that the sale is final. STRICTLY NO RETURN!

Bogus buyers are also not welcome.

It is said that “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” But in this case, the woman isn’t even that angry. She is willing to sell her husband else she murders him.

Photo credit: Putaragis ka / Facebook

While the scorned wife indicated that her reason for selling her husband is due to his playboy ways, what really caught netizens’ attention is the way she described the cheating guy. Not only was his age, height, and weight described in hilarious fashion, the wife also described in detail the, errrrrrr, size of his manhood in terms of canned goods. LOL.

The ad has really gone viral, with over 3.4k reactions and more than 3k shares on the Facebook page.

Of course, if you read the post carefully, you would realize that this was just a hilarious joke and is not meant to be taken seriously. But we’re quite sure it made you laugh!

What can you say about this cheeky ad?

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