What Will You Do if You Find Out that Your Unfaithful Spouse Spends Your Remittance on a Lover?

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There’s a hot topic in the overseas Filipino workers (OFW) community these days – the question of what you would do if you find out your unfaithful spouse spends your remittance on a lover?

Indeed, this is a tough question whose answer depends on a large number of things, especially because it can affect not just the couple’s relationship but also their children’s lives.

Stock photo by Pixabay

Sadly, this is a reality that many OFWs can relate with. OFWs sacrifice spending time with their children so they can provide them a better life yet many end up with broken families because their spouse take a lover while they were away.

Of course, there are also times when it is the OFW who becomes unfaithful; but for the sake of tackling this issue, let’s focus on the unfaithful spouses who spend the remittance they received on their lovers.

If you were in these OFWs shoes, what would you do?

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Check out some of the answers given by netizens in the live video shared by FilipiKnows admin Lhey of Taiwan:

Many netizens commented that they would surely cut off their remittance but this is, of course, easier said than done especially if there are kids involved. But if you continue sending money to your unfaithful spouse, he/she could simply use it for the lover!

What do you think?