WATCH: Girl Graduates Cum Laude, But Her Security Guard Dad Receives More Applause from the Audience

Screenshot from video by Oh Man / Facebook

Receiving eight awards aside from being cum laude, a college graduate got much applause yet it was her security guard dad who received more cheers and the standing ovation from the students!

An academic achiever, Mary Llan A. Bengan graduated with a degree in BS Accountancy from Laguna College in San Pablo City, Laguna in the Philippines.

As Mary Llan received her awards, the crowd cheered but the applause soon grew louder when her father went up the stage. Clad in a Barong Tagalog, Ma Allan Bengan got a standing ovation from the student body – and all because man is the dad of a cum laude but because he has been a father figure in campus to many of the students!

Screenshot from video by Oh Man / Facebook

You see, Ma Allan is the school’s guard and has been working there for nearly 20 years. In all those years, he has protected a lot of students – and became friends with them, too. No wonder they cheered much for him when he took the stage to give his daughter her medals.

Everyone felt happy for their kind and fatherly security guard whose job in keeping them safe was instrumental in getting his kids to college.

Many commenters on the video posted by netizen Oh Man agreed to the applause, saying the security guard even deserves to receive a medal himself.

This is so sweet, right?