This Guy Attends His Ex-GF’s Graduation, Earns Praise from Netizens and Gets Warmly Welcomed by Her Family

Are you friends with your ex? We all know how difficult it can be to be in good terms with a former partner, whether an ex-girlfriend, ex-boyfriend, ex-wife, ex-husband, etc.

But while many choose to ignore their exes and even remain forever in bad, non-speaking terms with them, there are also those who go the extra mile to be friends again. After all, they did have good times and great memories when they were together, right?

That’s what netizen Pao Atienza felt when he heard the news that his ex-girlfriend was graduating. According to Atienza, he had promised the girl that he would be there on her graduation day back when they were still together.

But since they have already broken up, he was first unsure whether he should attend the event at Colegio de San Juan de Letran – Calamba in Calamba, Laguna . After all, that promise was made when they were together and might not be applicable now that they are no longer even talking with each other.

Photo credit: Pao Atienza / Facebook

Atienza mulled the matter over and came to a decision that he should go there and attend the event, whether she would speak with him or not. He wants to make sure that he fulfills the promise he made to her, no matter the circumstances they are in now.

At the venue, he spotted the girl’s father and brother. He went to talk to them and spent about an hour chatting with the two, seeing in the father’s eyes how happy the old man was for his girl’s achievements.

As the event started, Atienza watched as the girl took her diploma – and he was so teary eyed watching the moment, feeling proud and happy for her, that he didn’t notice her elder sister actually saw him crying!

Okay ka lang ba? Kaya mo yan,” the girl’s elder sister assured him.

Minutes later, he got a text message from the girl, jokingly asking him for a gift. He was surprised and happy that she’s talking with him again. After the family took photos, he drummed up the courage to also join them and ask for a photo taken with her.

Then I congratulated her. Told her na sobrang saya ko para sa kanya. Which is totoo. Sobrang saya ko kasi nakita kong natapos yung isa sa pinakamagandang chapter sa buhay nya,” he wrote. “Asked her kung pwede magpapicture, she was very nice and accepted my request and then I told her I wish her well. We parted ways and waved goodbye to each other.

Many had advised him not to attend the graduation, but he was he actually went.

At para kay Ex, congratulations ulit! I wish you all the best! Goodluck sa bagong daan na tatahakin mo. I thank you for being friendly parin after all na nangyari. Thank you din sa chance makapagpapicture sayo. Take care always! Cheers! I am so happy for you! God Bless!” he added.