This Guy Angers Netizens for Flipping Middle Finger at Statue of Virgin Mary

A man has recently angered netizens in the Philippines after someone uploaded a photo of him giving the Virgin Mary statue the middle finger.

Even in the Philippines where majority of the people are Roman Catholics, there are also a lot who are of different religions and do not believe in statues and relics that symbolize religious figures such as Jesus and the Virgin Mary; however, having a different religion does not give anyone the right to desecrate other people’s religious symbols!

This unnamed person quickly went viral, especially because the photo was shared during the Holy Week.

Photo credit: Talk Sh*t / Facebook

While many people were busy with religious activities, this man had other ideas – and his actions angered Catholics and non-Catholics alike. Catholics were expected to feel angry over the man’s actions but many non-Catholics also expressed anger because they believe that the even if the man doesn’t believe in statues, he should show respect to other people’s religion.

Respeto naman po para saming mga katoliko.. oo rebulto po yan pero malakas po ang paniniwala namin jan..😊😊😊
Kanya kanya po tayo ng paniniwala 😊😊😊..
Ibat ibang paniniwala kaya sana naman po alam po ang salitang “RESPETO”
Ika nga po nila “RESPECT BEGETS RESPECT” – CZ Edroso

Of course, there were those who took the man’s side, saying it was good that he defended his own faith because the Bible said that humans should not make idols and statues.

Funny how a lot of people reacts so badly. Its understandable since most people has been brainwashed. Belief in an image like this contradicts the bible which also a make belief book. Technically there’s nothing wrong with this.” – Lejandro Fortuna

Still, others commented that he still should have just respected the statue, especially because it was of Jesus’ mother.

“Haisst wlang respeto….knya knya ng paniniwla.. Kanya knya ng relihiyon.. Kng mrunong kau mgrespeto s relihiyon nyo dpt mrunong dn kau remespeto s ibng relihiyon…ang totoong nanampalataya hnd gyan ang ugali kht nb hnd kau naniniwla s sinasbng nyong rebolto dpt hnd nyo binaboy ng gnyn..” – Sha Flowra Lazaga

“Hindi po ako katoliko pero , nung nakita ko to i felt dissapoint .. respeto naman … edukado ba yung ganyang klaseng tao??
Realtalk nagmuka syang walang pinag aralan .. oo rebulto yan , pero kahit na respeto man lang …” – Pauline Figuracion

Others pointed out that this place looked like a pilgrimage site or some religious spot that was definitely Catholic; thus, if the man didn’t believe in the Virgin Mary or in the symbols of the Catholic religion, then he shouldn’t have gone to that place at all, right?

What can you say about this?

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